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3. November 2011

An Open letter to Facebook’s Administrators

Ladies and gentlemen,

a few days before I reported several pages for discriminating Christians by not only blasphemic content but also hate speech in a very aggressive, violant manner. To be concrete, I want to focus on the page „On a scale of one to Jesus how brainwashed are you“ (the original document contains the link).

Among a lot of discriminating content I found some quite oustanding examples of harassment to Christians. Firstly, I had to read the following statement as a comment on a picture showing lions: „The world started going down hill the very second they stopped feeding the Christians to the lions.“ By the way, quite similar to this is a picture on another page constucted for the same purpose: doing harm to Christians (the original document contains the link). That does mean: We could make this world a better place by killing Christians. That – at least to me – does mean an affirmative attitude towards the killing of Christians as we have to recognize it in our days all over the world. I personally accept to be called „brainwashed“, „idiot“ and a lot more for being Christian, but I cannot accept the applause of „Facebook“ to the genocidal persecution of Christians in the world today.

For this is not only a question of bad taste, but – at least according to German law – also a legal affair, I hope you take action to end this systematical harassment. And if this discrimination of Christians does not give you any reason to act, please imagine it were Jews instead of Christians being treated alike. Would that reason appeare than?

Secondly, another example may emphasize my concerns on that page in question. A picture showing a garbage container with the inscription „Christian Disposal“ and filled with two human bodys is accompanied by the remark „Should put it right outside the exit of the church“ (the original document contains the link). Human beings – holding, that Christians still are considered as such – are compared to „garbage“ – clearly an offense against the basic right of each and every human being – being treated with dignity. That should also be applied on Christians. And on Facebook.

Questioning Christians‘ right to life and Christians‘ human dignity as executed on the page „On a scale of one to Jesus how brainwashed are you“ is neither covered be freedom of speech nor should it be taken too easily, downplaying it as a kind of „joke“. This in fact is not the case: the page is not a „joke“, but rather a danger. The page also links to several other pages covering the same or even worse content.

I hope that it is possible for Facebook to end this situation, that is indeed threatening me personally – as a Christian, who unfortunately feels impelled to take the page’s harassment serious.

Kind regards,

Josef Bordat

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