Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

With pain and anger I follow the news from Nigeria reporting ongoing violence against Christians in the Northern Provinces of your country. Let me express my deep sympathy with all Christians affected by brutal and barbarous bombings and gunfire. I hope that those who carried out these attacks will face their rightful punishment soon!

I share your sorrow and pain, I am with you in my thoughts and prayers. I suppose that you are all overcome with mourning, but also with deep anger. Please do not loose calm, please do not loose hope, please do not loose the faith in a peaceful way to bear down hatred and violence! As Christians we know that God is love. And we know as well that it is a fatal mistake to believe that God commands murderous violence!

God is love. Those who think they act “in the name of God” by carrying out terrorist attacks against churches and other buildings of the Christian community do not even understand this basic principle. Their acts are evil. With all my heart I wish you all the power and the courage needed to frustrate their hate and bloodlust by the good, by simply not taking vengeance. I therefore ask you to keep the message of love and peace God brought us through His Word’s incarnation always in the center of your proclamation. I know, that this is extremely difficult in this times of persecution, but I also believe, that we are not alone in our efforts to stay following the Lord!

Dear Brothers and Sisters, you may rest assured that I continue my prayer for Christianity, especially for the Christians of Northern Nigeria. The blessing of God Almighty, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit may endow you with comfort and confidence!

Josef Bordat